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Dental Access Mobile Clinics is the result of an innovative dental concept that uses Mobile Dental Clinics to provide care to disadvantaged children. Dr. John Reese discovered that many children, though eligible for Medicaid, did not have a regular dentist nor did they received basic dental care. Dr. Reese created a model (and a state of the art dental office on wheels) to offer dental care for these children in "mobile dental clinics". For more information, please take a moment to review
Dental Access Carolina, L.L.C.

So how did childeren's dentistry lead to the development of a joint venture to market and sell Mobile Dental Clinics?

Actually, it was a natural progression. As Dr. Reese started his search to find the perfect "Mobile Dental Office", he found that the few available options were all lacking in one form or another. He came to the conclusion that these dental vans, while functional, were obviously not designed by a dentist. Some vans had many desireable features, but lacked basic necessities. Others had the basic dental necessities, but did not consider the actual practice of dentistry in the design. Not willing to settle for anything short of perfection, Dr. Reese approached the industry leader in specialty transportation vehicles with the idea of a joint venture. The Mobile Dental Office you see below is the end result of this unique partnership.

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 Front Treatment Room

 Center Sterilization Area

 Rear Treatment Room


 Designed By Dentists For Dentists

The Mobile Dental Clinic

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